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About Kreuzwiesenalm

A mountain spectre used to run free on Lüsner Alm pasture (1,925 m) and bother the mowers and rakers, who proceeded to make a cross with their scythes and rakes and scare it away. This is how the pasture received the name 'Kreuzwiesenalm'. Nowadays it is Johannes, the farmer's son, who has a surprise in store for visitors to the pasture. In summer he makes tasty mountain pasture cheese, on sale all year round, in the cheese dairy.

In the shop you can buy: hard and mountain cheese made from raw cow's milk; 'Graukäse' cheese

Cheese and dairy products - Dairy in all its forms

The fresh mountain air, luscious grass and herbal plants of the South Tyrolean meadows have positive secondary effects: the cows produce milk of incomparably high quality that is then made into various dairy products. Constantly checked by experts, this 'white gold' is turned into butter, buttermilk, natural yoghurt and ricotta, as well as cream cheese, hard cheese and soft cheese to tempt your tastebuds and benefit your health. The wide range of 'Red Rooster' products includes cow's, goat's and sheep's milk cheese, prepared following traditional farm recipes. Only natural dairy cultures are used in the making of dairy products.

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