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About Panificio Schrot & Korn

At the Schrot & Korn bakery in Verano, we delight our customers with bread fresh from the oven.

Since 2012, the Schrot & Korn bakery has been a big attraction in Verano. Here, the bread is made by hand using “biga”, a special dough that makes the bread smell even better and helps it to last longs. Gregor Weissensteiner, the baker, grinds his own flour and uses only the highest quality ingredients.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 6 am to 1pm
From white bread to German-style black bread, Laugen rolls and Bretzels, and all kinds of wholemeal, customers are sure to find what they need. Our sweet breads and pastries are also sure to put a smile on your face: different kinds of strudel, doughnuts and braided bread will make your mouth water! We produce different specialities according to the season, such as sweet breads at Easter and bread made with wild garlic. Delicious! We also put together bread baskets of various sizes, with a wide choice of bread every day.
Customers can also reserve their favourite breads by phone or fax, and by filling in the form provided. We deliver to Verano, Meltina and even to Avelengo. Come and visit our shop and you are sure to be tempted!


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