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About Plonhof

Fine spirits and grappa are produced at the Plonhof, a new private distillery in Tramin/Termeno. The quality of the fruit is crucial for making good distillate and only ripe, fresh, healthy fruit are fermented and distilled with great care and attention. The high altitude of the orchards at 220 - 900 m contributes towards the rich aroma of the products.

In the shop you can find: Grappa (Gewürztraminer), brandy (quince, damson), each 0.35l.

Spirits - The strong stuff South Tyrolean style

The production of spirits enjoys a long tradition in South Tyrol and every farmer jealously guards his own secret recipe. The 'Red Rooster' brand is synonymous with high quality spirits, produced in South Tyrolean farmhouses from fruit grown on the farm. The 'Red Rooster' brand features only excellent spirits selected and matured to just the right point. Besides undergoing a sensory check, all spirits are analysed yearly for their methanol content and every three years for their copper content in order to guarantee maximum safety and quality. The long maturation period lends the spirits an even more delicate taste.

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